In 2011, after years of testing and allergic reaction misery, I discovered the awful truth: my body was intolerant of sulphites.  Oh, yeah — and salicylates, too.

So what does this mean?  Well, it means I feel super healthy now.  No more sore throats or rashes or watery eyes or hives or coughs or sneezing.  No more drowsiness and bloating.  And no more delicious foods that the rest of the world enjoys.  On the bad side, essentially my ingredients were winnowed down to Rice Krispies and milk for breakfast (every day!  Sometimes several times a day!) and whiteish/brownish/tan foods with the taste and texture of cardboard that I had to make myself.  From scratch.  (Did I mention that I am the world’s most terrible cook?).  I became that weirdo allergy person who doesn’t eat at parties — the one I used to make fun of!

My love of food was over forever.  Or so I thought.

In His great love and mercy, God sent me two best friends who also happen to be some of the best cooks/bakers/chefs on the planet.  Not only do Becky and Sarah know my allergy/intolerance list better than I do, they have passionately experimented to come up with some sulphite/salicylate recipes that are genuinely delicious.  I might be eating most of my meals alone these days, but pretty soon, whether you have a sulphite/salicylate problem like I do or not, you just might just be joining me for one of MY meals for once!

All thanks to Sarah and Becky.  And created for all of us, with love.

Happy (Delicious!) Eating,

Katherine Craddock


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Im so thankful for finding this blog! great info! just curious, besides salicylates and sulfides, what are your other intolerances? I notice you avoid eggs…

    • Eggs are chock full of sulphites … hence the sulfuric smell when they go bad! Salicylates and sulfites pretty much knock out all but 20ish ingredients in the world, so I say that’s a comprehensive enough intolerance list right now! 🙂 A lot of people assume my problem is gluten because of the gluten-free fad, but gluten and dairy are two products that I actually CAN eat. The only other thing that I would add is we are very suspicious of bananas, which may mean that I have an amine intolerance as well. Hope that helps on your journey!

      • Thank you! You should consider adding a list of those 20 ingredients to your blog, might be helpful for us newbies 😛 thank you for showing me I don’t have to survive off iceberg lettuce, rice and chicken 🙂

  2. Great idea! I think I will do that as my next post. We actually have a bunch more recipes … I’ve just been caught up with the rest of life and haven’t posted any lately. Your comments have re-inspired me!

  3. I am so happy to find this blog! After 7 sinus surgeries, life-long aspirin induced asthma, and multiple food allergies, I’m down to maintaining a wheat-free vegan lifestyle to keep my inflammation down. All of these recipes can be substituted to meet my needs. Thank you!!

    • I am so happy to hear that it can help you! It is so hard living on a restricted diet, but I’m sure as you are discovering, feeling better is worth it! Thanks so much for the positive feedback.

  4. Hello,
    i would like to know if your recipes use an english or american measuring Cup? I live in Germany and i am so happy to find your recipes! SSF is nearly unknown here. and it is very difficult to get german Information about it. In the last weeks i haven`t found only one german recipe…
    I learned english at school many years ago, so please excuse me .
    Thank you!

  5. Good morning from Australia. I am a little confused with you recipe for Best-ever Pancakes. Ingred. say baking soda, Method says Baking powder and, what do you do with the yoghurt and apple? Is it on top or in the pancakes? Cheers, Lesley (Great site, by the way).

  6. Thank god for this website! I’m dying of stomach cramps but yeah i thought that I would just try your website!

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